Mortgage Chat


Our Mission and

At MortgageChat, our mission is to revolutionize the mortgage brokerage industry through cutting-edge technology. We aim to automate and streamline the mortgage application process, making it more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly for brokers and borrowers alike. Our vision is to empower mortgage professionals worldwide with AI-driven tools that enhance productivity, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional service and value to their clients.


The Team Behind Mortgage Chat

Our journey is led by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about technology and its potential to transform industries.

Peter Wall - Executive Chairman

Peter Wall is a dynamic leader in the technology sector, best known for his role in propelling Argo Blockchain to remarkable heights with successful listings on both the NASDAQ and the London Stock Exchange (LSE)....

Under his leadership, Argo not only raised over $200 million but also became one of the top traded stocks on the LSE in 2021. Beyond Argo, Peter has made significant impacts in various fields, from co-working to communications, showcasing his versatility and innovative spirit.

Philipp Kallerhoff - Non-Executive Director

Philipp Kallerhoff embodies leadership in technology and finance. As the founder of Protos Management, he has been at the forefront of digital asset investment and blockchain innovation. His expertise in...

applying machine learning to financial market analysis was showcased during his tenure at Harcourt/Vontobel Asset Management AG. Philipp’s entrepreneurial ventures, like the co-founding of Jumiya Inc., underscore his innovative approach to financial data analysis. Armed with a comprehensive academic background and a talent for multidisciplinary innovation, Philipp contributes a vast reservoir of knowledge and strategic insight to our team.

Sarah Gow - Non-Executive Director

Sarah Gow brings 20 years of extensive expertise in the banking industry, underscored by roles at Citigroup Asset Management as Director of Global Operations in New York and Head of Operations in London....

Her operational leadership and asset management skills stood out during her time at HSBC Global Asset Management and as a founding partner of TrinityCapM. Her hands-on approach to governance and oversight was instrumental as a key member of Argo Blockchain’s board, where she served from 2021-2023.

Jeremy Woodgate - Non-Executive Director

Jeremy Woodgate’s career began as an engineer, before swiftly pivoting to a corporate stockbroker role focused on the gold and resources sector. At Pareto Securities, he advanced to Head of Trading and Partner, leading significant transactions in resources and shipping....

 In 2015, he founded Smaller Company Capital, making a mark by listing the first publicly traded Blockchain company in London and financing several tech and resource firms. His entrepreneurial journey continued with the co-founding of States Bridge Capital in 2020, and he contributes his extensive experience in various NED and Chairman roles across diverse sectors.